Welcome to the Club

Based in a former Georgian townhouse, MHA is an opportunity-led property development and investment company. We purchase assets across the spectrum; residential and commercial, individual units and sites, based on what we believe will help to grow not only our company but our professional knowledge and experience too.

“We're a property company that appreciates opportunity. There's no magic to our business, we simply seek to improve value. For us it is all about performance, integrity, discipline and of course enjoying our work.”
Hossein Abedinzadeh Founder, MHA London


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We’re a diverse and eclectic team who believe strong working relationships are as important as the ins and outs of a deal - a good reputation is hard to earn, even harder to keep. We listen, appraise and act on the opportunities that enable us to flex our planning and development expertise. Constancy to purpose is key.

Benjamin Disraeli, the 75th Prime Minister of Britain once resided at 6 Bloomsbury Square.

“Professionally on point, effective and fun to work with, they are a force to be reckoned with”
Adrian Wallace Fladgate LLP




Good business rests on building trust and lasting relationships across the industry. This helps us to grow our property and investment assets and in turn, we celebrate successes together.

“Fun, fast moving, value adding, nimble, they are a joy to work with”
Peter Bovill Montagu Evans



We unlock the potential of bricks and mortar through the ability of our team, tailoring strategies and approaches to suit the unique characteristics of each project. Proficient, experienced and passionate, the team members have the ability and authority to make quick decisions, achieving optimum results in a changeable market.

“Outstanding performance: they have succeeded where other people have failed”
John Krieger Investor